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Dwarf Hotot


ARR's Pluto
Black Banded Jr. Buck (chocolate carrier)

He's all-around cute chocolate carrier! He is replaced my long term herd buck, Baz. I cannot say enough good things about this little awesome guy both personality wise and type wise. I am looking forward to his continued development. He hasn't been able to pull off a first yet, but has come in second in his class a couple of times.


ARR's Alnitak
Chocolate Banded Sr. Buck

He has nice straight hindquarters and full body even as a baby. He is 3 months in these photos and developing well. His bands are very light, but they are complete. ;) A true climber, nothing is too short to be scaled! He did very well at the Ohio Mini Convention, getting comments from all the judges such as "best chocolate band I've seen" and he can definitly hold his own in national-level competition. A bit more development and he would have broken top 5 for junior bucks (he got 6th). A related chocolate junior buck who I sold to a rabbitry in Michigan did make 5th in the all-breed show.


ARR's Charon
Chocolate Banded Sr. Doe

My best chocolate band to date, so proud! She has great eyebands and WONDERFUL type. I am very excited about her, she places in the top 5 consistantly. She is being retired from showing and will be on baby patrol soon.

ARR's Hydra
Black Banded Sr. Doe - 4 legs, 3 for BOB

My best homebred to date, she smashed the shows as a junior taking 1st junior at just 10 weeks old, and a few months later taking BOB at all three shows in the Dalton Triple. She is out of the first litter of Buttercup's, a doe I picked up back in May 2015 at the Ohio minicon. Buttercup definitly is meshing well into my lines, and is a welcome addition. Her sire's side is linebred of my own lines. She carries chocolate. We just need to nab a senior leg and then she can grand out.

ARR's Dragonfly
Black Banded Jr. Doe

She is a young junior still but showing well. No legs yet, but I expect it will come in time. I'm really liking the "look" of my lines lately, and I think the linebreeding with occasional outcross has worked very well. She carries chocolate.



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